The Sample Resume Format Employers Can’t Put Down

Introducing Mars, the sample resume format employers can’t put down.

This creative, clean and yet simple resume format means you can create something that is beautiful and still incredibly functional that employers will love.

Mars’s simple, yet sophisticated black and grey colour scheme means also it’s applicable to any type of job application and is sure to be taken seriously.

Creating your resume is a breeze too. Simply open, edit and share in Google Docs.

When you’re done editing and ready to send to an employer, simply download your new resume as a PDF file in Google Docs and send it straight to them via email.

Sample resume format

sample resume format

The all-inclusive Mars sample resume format comes with everything you need to create the complete resume including a cover letter template and 2 additional pages for your profile, education and work history.

Includes cover letter

sample resume format

The cover letter template that comes included with the Mars resume template from UpResume.

2 page layout

sample resume format

The first page of this sample resume format includes a nice bold header for your name and job title, plus space for your profile, work experience and skills.

Room for everything

sample resume format

The second page of the Mars resume template features a clean, neat sample resume format to add your education details, references, personal skills, honours and awards if you see fit to add them.

So there you have it! The Proxima job resume template that will get the job done in with your job application. Whether you’re going for marketing positions, finance roles and everything in between, the Mars sample resume format will see you through.

Download it today and see how easy it is to get up and running with a brand new resume today. All you need is a free Google Docs account and some time to punch in you’re details and you’re away.

Click here to download the sample resume format