Ex-Recruiter Screened 10,000+ Resumes, Here’s Their Top Tips

An ex-recruiter who has spent their entire career screening 10’s of thousands of resumes for the best companies in the world has revealed what it takes to create a successful resume.

Speaking on Reddit, the recruiter revealed their top resume tips and what it takes to create a winning resume.

Top resume tips

  • Use a professional-looking gmail, outlook, or personal domain email address. Delete your hotmail with extreme prejudice.
  • Don’t put an objective section or summary. It’ll be skipped, and it’s space that can be used better.
  • Unless you have 20+ years’ experience, make it 1 page. You can do it.
  • Don’t put your full address. “City, State” is enough.
  • Name your resume “​FirstName LastName Resume” and that’s it. Never submit it with “(Project Management)” or “Final” or “2018” or literally anything else in the file name.
  • If emailing your resume, always submit it as a PDF, never as a Word doc. You never know how wonky a Word doc will look on someone else’s machine. If uploading to an online application that uses resume parsing software, you can upload the Word doc as well or if it’s required to do so.
  • Try to read it in 10 seconds or less and see what you take away from it. That’s about the initial screen time before someone makes an initial up/down decision, so you’ll want to examine it from that perspective.
  • Interests are important because it gives the interviewer something to connect with you on, and it makes you more than just a faceless resume. If you put Seinfeld, I promise someone will ask you what your favorite episode of Seinfeld is (mine’s the Soup Nazi).

So there you have it! Top resume tips from someone who has screened 10’s of thousands of resumes for a living.

We hope these top resume tips help you secure that dream job interview today.

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